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We offer a wide range of features that benefit disruptive and customer-centric businesses. 

What We Do

We are the best at providing an exceptional service experience to your customers. We tailor our support to match your brand’s needs, so that we fully represent what you stand for. You are never limited in your creativity and we are always available when you need us.

Administrative Services

Data Entry

Virtual Assistance

Customer Service

Technical Support

Phone Support

Email & Chat Handling

Lead Generation

Cold Calling

Appointment Setting

Recruiting & Training

Quality Assurance

Sales & Marketing

Web design

Graphic design

Content Writing

Web Maintenance

eCommerce Support

Customer Acquisition

Customer Management

Customer Retention 

Inventory Management 

Shipping and Fulfillment

 Quality Management

Content Marketing/Creation

Social Media Marketing

Digital Engagement

Content Moderation

Social Media Management

Community Management

Market Research

Search Engine Optimization

Our 6-D Process



Clearly define your business needs and goals that you want to achieve by outsourcing to VS Outsourcing.



Determine the specific tasks and processes that you want to outsource and the level of control and involvement you want to maintain.



Decide on the terms of the agreement, including pricing, timeline, and communication methods.



Develop a detailed plan and strategy for the outsourcing process, including training and onboarding.



Deploy a committed team to manage the outsourcing engagement, ensuring ongoing communication and collaboration.



Dedicate time and effort to continuously implement and evaluate the success of the  partnership, and make adjustments as needed to ensure continued success. 

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